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Hiring a Close-Up Magician

Hiring a Close Up Magician or Magician is a difficult process and even more challenging If you’ve not hired a magician before. You may be unsure what to expect or what are the fees. And once you start to look around and discover how prices vary, you can get even more confused and lost!

With so much choice in general everybody tries to pick the cheapest. After all, spend less on entertainment and you have more for other costs such as your venue, catering, other performers, etc.

But cheap doesn't mean you will get a quality performance for your money.

It is very simple because when you hire a close-up magician, you’re paying for more than a few tricks. Let's see why...

This is what a professional Close-Up magician actually does

A close-up magician should bring much more than entertainment and fun to your event.

When I show up at a party, a wedding, in a restaurant or at a corporate event I need more than a few good sleights of hand magic tricks to put on an unforgettable show!

I’m here to create WOW and OMG moments for your guests that lead to dropped jaws, astonished expressions, and whispers of “How the hell did he do that?” And that means I need performance skills too.

Unless a close-up magician can work an audience, mingle confidently, and respond to what’s happening at the moment, the magic won’t work. You can’t rock up and rely on a script. Close-up magic doesn’t work that way because it’s reliant on audience interaction and engagement too.

Make a long story short that's why personality is key.

You want someone who is personable and relevant. Someone who can slot into any conversation immediately put guests at ease, and engage them with magic that gets them talking.

Actually, someone like me!

Magicians that can’t work a crowd make the audience cringe. It’s embarrassing! And if the tricks are obvious and easy to work out, your audience will be unimpressed, bored and disappointed.

Imagine how you’ll feel as the party host when word gets around that the entertainment is a little bit rubbish and 'cheap'.

And that’s why I encourage you not to compromise on your entertainment. Instead, pay a fair price to get the confidence you need that your close-up magician won’t let you down.

This is what you're actually paying for

When hiring a Close Up Magician, you’re paying for more than a few tricks. Let me break it down for you… this is what you get when you hire me:

  • My personality! I’m the boy next door who can mingle with anyone, ad lib at ease, and make even the hardest to please party guest smile!
  • A party starter – close-up magic adds to the atmosphere, creates a vibe, and transforms the mood of any party, celebration, or event.
  • A collection of relevant, jaw-dropping, spellbinding magic tricks that will wow your guests and leave them wondering how on earth they were performed.
  • A shared experience for your guests that get people talking, laughing, and smiling.
  • Memories of an awesome experience that lasts long after your party/event/wedding has finished.
  • Entertainment that breaks the ice and brings people together – even strangers.
  • The satisfaction that you’re an awesome party/event host because you found such a brilliant entertainer!
  • Peace of mind that your guests are being expertly entertained – so you can relax and enjoy the show too.
  • Impressed guests – there are never any clichés, cringes, or tackiness when I’m in the room.
  • A bespoke experience – every event is unique, which means every close-up magic show I perform is subtly different from the last.
  • Experience – I’ve performed at hundreds of events for thousands of satisfied clients.